3 amazing spots to ride your motorcycle

There are many beautiful places anyone would want to ride their motorcycle. Gorgeous paths, gorgeous cities and what not. I’m gonna name three of the spots people tend to like a lot when they’re either on a holiday, or maybe just on a little trip and maybe there are either one or two places you’d like to visit with your motorcycle afterwards.


There are a couple amazing places in Germany where you can ride around and admire everything around you. Sauerland in Germany for example. The nature there is gorgeous and you’re in the middle of some beautiful hills. Another one in Germany is Eifel, it’s just above Luxembourg. On the South-East side of Eifel you can still see some of the remains of the Eifel volcano. It’s an amazing experience to be able to go there and get a little road trip going. And just as a fun fact, Germany is besides China the main country motorcycle importers get their motorcycles from.


If you’ve been to Italy before, you know the nature there is amazing to look at and walk around in. But how much more fun is it to be able to see more of the amazing nature there just by traveling on your bike? One of the lovely spots Italy has for you is called the Passo dello Stelvio. The Passo dello Stelvio is one out of many mountain passes in Italy. This one in particular has about 48 sharp turns for you to have fun with. And all that while seeing some of the green mountains there. The Strada Statale is also a beautiful spot you have got to see once in your life. It looks over the Gulf of Salerno and there were even movie scenes recorded in a tunnel there.


The Voie de la Liberté is a really long route in France which can also be driven by car. It’s a route that holds a lot of history, the route that you’d be following is the same path that was followed by the allies in world war two. It’s definitely one you’d have to plan out. Another great route in France is La Route Napoléon. It’s about 4 times shorter than the Voie de la Liberté, but goes through a lot of landscapes,so if you’re someone who loves those, make sure you go there one day to drive around and admire its beauty so you know for sure!