The ins and Outs of the Online Auto Transport Experience

The automotive transport business is a wonderful marvel of logistics. The online industry consists of three parts: Lead Providers, Brokers, and Carriers. The Carriers are a conglomeration of mostly independent contractors. They invest money in transport vehicles for private, commercial fleet, and insurance industry demands.

The price for each trip has to make sense when held in relation to the wear and tear depreciation of their vehicles and other overhead. Some drivers are better equipped to handle delicate loads with modern enclosed transport vehicles. Other drivers may have limited insurance and are therefore unable to legally haul around multi-million-dollar liabilities.

It is a cut-throat industry. Lead Providers create multiple-quote websites that force Brokers to compete for your business. But, it is really the Carriers being shorted, because the Brokers simply book you space on a transport truck. The Lead Providers take a referral fee for obtaining contact information of interested visitors who request quotes.

The Brokers pay them for the referral and then bombard the customer with various offers in an attempt to gauge the best marketing strategy. This often has the opposite effect of frustrating the customer’s attempt to access a quality Broker. The Brokers who buy these leads are desperate for business, because they don’t have a reputation to uphold. They are able to entice customers with very low prices by not revealing all of the caveats.

The truth is that the Carriers make the ultimate choices on the quality of the service you receive when you ship your car across the country. If they accept a low-ball quote to fill up a vehicle, that vehicle will get bumped to the back of the line the instant someone comes along with $25 more. The high cancellation rates create huge delays. A carrier that is desperately seeking to fill up his trucks may not feel too happy about doing the job at rock bottom prices. You will likely wind up with third rate service.

If your vehicle gets scratched or damaged, filing a claim becomes very confusing when you are working with a fly-by-night Broker. You may not be able to obtain contact information for the actual Carrier. This is a great incentive for the Carriers to accept these low ball offers, considering that they can remain virtually anonymous in the process and dodge liability when insurance claims arise. It is less work and stress involved. But, it is the customer who suffers when there is any damage to the paint job or mechanical problems resulting. A new paint job can cost seven thousand dollars or more.

When you work with a reputable established Broker, life is roses. You need to find the Broker who knows all of the Ins and Outs of the industry. The best Brokers have seen it all and done it all. They know the perfect price points to get your car shipped within a week during any season. They know exactly what to bid to the Carriers for a rush delivery. They will uphold their reputation by resolving any claims with care.