Renting a car in Finland

Because of the pandemic, Finns will opt for a holiday in Finland, rather than travelling to another country.

Because a lot of the lovely places are in the countryside, many of you will need to use a company such as RentalCars or another company from Suomiarvostelut.

Here’s what you need to know about hiring a car in Finland.

Do you need to?

You should really be asking yourself if you need to hire a car.

Should you go somewhere to see the northern lights, it would be wise as this area is mostly outdoors. However, if you’re going to Helsinki, you’re going to be staying in a city with an excellent public transportation system.

In which are, there really isn’t any need at all to hire a car.

Before you hire a car, look at how efficient and how affordable public transport is in the city you’re staying. This will help you to decide if hiring a car is the best option.

How to

The actual process of hiring a car in Finland is the same as it is in most other parts of the world. You can book it online, and you’ll probably have to fill out a few details, just to make sure you’re allowed to be hiring a car.

And when you pick up your car, you may need to fill out even more paperwork. And then some more. But once that’s all out of the way, you’ll have your hired car, and you can finally begin your holiday.

Just make sure you read the contract before signing anything.

Can you?

If you’re 18 and you’ve just passed your test, then I’m afraid you won’t be able to hire a car. These car hire companies are very wary of people who are so young, and this is the age group most likely to get into an accident.

You will need to be at least 20 years old and have been driving for at least a year. Even if you do meet that criteria, anyone under the age of 25 will probably be charged extra.

The rules

When you’ve got your car, you’ll have to make sure you’re following all of the rules, they aren’t tricky rules, but if you don’t follow them, you will have to bring the car back, and then you’ll be stuck without a car.

The first rule to follow is to always be wearing a seatbelt. Getting into a crash is never nice, but without a seatbelt, not nice can quickly become deadly.

Also, don’t drink and drive. The legal blood alcohol level in Finland is 0.05, but the safest option is simply to not drink.


Just to recap, if you’re going on holiday in Finland, this is how you hire a car…

1. Ask yourself if you really need to. Does the city you’re staying in have an adequate public transport system?

2. Book in the same way you would usually. Online.

3. Wear your seatbelt and never drive drunk.