Commercial Truck Driving Tips 10 Ways to Stay Safe on the Road

Trucking is one of the riskiest job profile, as getting into accidents and obtaining injuries is very easy on the road. Driving a commercial truck, however, is even riskier. This is because commercial trucks can be loaded with fragile items which must not be damaged at all.

Drivers who drive commercial trucks, from big rigs to heavy haulers, must be aware of a few very important tips that can help them avoid any road accidents and stay safe. These tips include some very simple things that can ensure their and their vehicle’s safety.

Here are 10 ways to stay safe on the road while driving a commercial truck:

1. Keep Yourself On the Alert

While driving a commercial truck, it is important to know what is going around you. This includes the road activities and vehicles in front as well as behind your big rig. This is important so that you can take appropriate routes to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

One way of staying alert is to be well rested so that fatigue and heavy eyes do not affect you.

2. Beware of Traffic

Being stuck in traffic doesn’t do much good for vehicles, especially for large commercial vehicles. This is because, the chances of hitting or getting hit increase in a trafficked area.

Therefore, it is always advised to drivers to keep up with the traffic updates whenever possible, so as to avoid taking those routes.

3. Check Weather Reports

The weather conditions around the route that you take with your commercial truck must always be known. This is because knowing exactly what you’ll be facing through your journey can help you prepare prior to departing. Therefore, even in case of bad weather, checking weather reports before departing can help you take the necessary precautions so as to stay safe.

4. Take Extra Caution During Night

Although driving a truck in the morning, when the roads are full of in-transit vehicles, is tough, driving big rigs during the night is even tougher. This is because the possibility of hitting fences, poles, etc. or getting stuck in potholes increases during the night.

5. Make Use Of Trucker’s GPS

Using GPS that is designed for truckers can help you to know which exits you can take, the distance before these exits, when to change your lane, traffic reports and much more. Using the trucker’s GPS can help you take necessary precautions and guide you through better routes till your destination

6. Avoid Too Much Lane Changing

Staying in a single lane is always advised to big rig drivers. This is because commercial trucks are very big and usually heavily loaded, therefore, maneuvering with them is very difficult. Changing lanes too many times can make it difficult for the other vehicles on the road to doge your truck. This can lead to some serious accidents.

If you do need to change lanes, make sure to do so very carefully and very slowly.

7. Check Delivery Sports Yourself

When you arrive at the location of delivery, make sure that you go by foot to see for yourself if there is enough space for your truck to move easily. This is because many times large trucks can get stuck into tight places from where turning around and escaping becomes difficult.

That is why parking your truck at a safe spot and going to check out the place yourself can help you avoid getting stuck in some unfortunate conditions.

8. Leave Space in Front of the Truck

Whenever you are driving your truck, make sure you leave plenty of space in front of it. This is because, speeding up and applying breaks on big rigs is not an easy task. If you are too close to the vehicle in front of you, and they apply breaks, you can end up crashing into them. Therefore, taking this precaution is always necessary to keep yourself as well as others safe on the road.

9. Keep Check of Speed Limits

It is important for every commercial truck driver to be aware of the speed limits on the road. Driving at a slow speed is always the best way of staying safe. It can help you avoid many road accidents!

10. Keep A Check on Your Truck

Another important thing to do, that truck drivers usually do not keep in mind, is to regularly check the condition of their trucks. Taking breaks every now and then and checking your truck for punctured tires, air leaks, dripping oil or coolant, etc. is very important. Doing so can help you avoid many major road accidents!

Commercial truck driving must never be taken lightly and such tips must always be kept in mind. They can help you ensure yours as well as other’s safety as well!