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Jul 03

The Best Solutions for Automotive Hail Damage

If you have ever rented a car in any area that produces a lot of inclement weather, you may be shocked when you return the vehicle to find out you have incurred a large debt for ice pellet damage. The trick with car rentals is their misleading warnings that only dents and dings over a certain size will be counted. After the damage is done; they may attempt filing a claim against your auto insurer for multiple spot dings, even if they do not individually meet the specifications. These dings may be so subtle that you can only notice them at the right angle and ideal lighting. The car rental agency immediately wants to charge you for a large deductible that is likely to raise your insurance rates.

As made obvious from the name, paintless dent removal was developed as an alternative to pricey paint jobs. It has always been known that many soft dents and dings can pop back into place with minimal impact on the overall look of the vehicle. This is because the metal has a memory and desires to return to that original state. Paintless dent experts are equipped with various tools and special training to …