Buying a car is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you might have to make. As such, it is extremely important to consider all the factors surrounding such an action. This will help you to better weight your options and reach a conclusion that is both beneficial to your desire as well as your finances.

The first step is to determine if you really need a car

If you stay in a densely populated area with much traffic and public means of transportation, you probably could get by just fine without a car of your own. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need one. It is simply just important to really understand the existence of other alternatives before making a purchase.

Next would be the reason you desire a car. Are you looking to buy one due to necessity or are you looking to make a statement about your social status? The reason behind your desire is very important as it greatly influences the kind and model of the car you eventually buy. A person looking to buy a car to transport his entire family will definitely be thinking of a minibus as opposed to a bachelor who might prefer a simple small saloon car.

Your budget is the most crucial determining factor.

How much you have to spend actually helps you make a more realistic choice. Almost everyone wants to drive a Mercedes Benz, but not everyone can afford it. It is important that you compare the cost of the cars with your actual budget. has a variety of different cars in their online catalogue with prices that are sure to fit into your budget.

However, when it comes to cost it is quite possible to get your dream car without overstretching your budget. The solution is to buy a used car. Contrary to popular belief, used cars are sometimes actually better than brand new ones especially for those who do not have the financial capability of buying any type of car they desire or require.

Although a new car comes with its own advantages such as warranty, latest technology, eco-friendly attributes, gas mileage and less repairs. Used cars also have quite a few benefits that might put them ahead in terms of economic realities.

Lower depreciation

New cars actually depreciate in value much faster than used ones. A new car usually loses about 15% of its monetary value immediately it is driven off the lot. And about another 10% every other year. This in itself gives you the opportunity of buying a car for a much cheaper rate. You also have the option of negotiating the deal to suit your financial reality.

Cash payments

Most new cars are so expensive that you might need to take out a loan with high-interest rates just to afford them. But with used cars, you could actually save and make full payment in cash immediately. This works best especially for really expensive brands like the Mercedes Benz. But at Sandown Group you can find used Mercedes for sale at lower rates.

It is possible to find used cars that still look and feel brand new but at cheaper rates. The most important factor that should really affect your choice is the performance of the particular car you have in mind. Usually, the choice is between speed, comfort, durability and capacity. Another advantage used cars have over new cars is lower insurance rates. New cars are usually more prone to theft than old model cars. As such you might have to spend more on insurance on a new car than you would on that same model if it was used.